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Then when you grab him he puts it down and haltingly suggests he's had a U-turn and is no longer thinking about robbing you.
When you know that monkey also speaks in a language that humans do -- even if haltingly -- it's far worse.
Their mutual affection emerges haltingly and in contrast to that of the other key couple, Ralph and Eva (Craig Fairbairn and Emma Jane Richards), who are happy in the knowledge they'll wed one day.
Barrett Meeks is 40-ish and unlucky in love when, walking through Central Park, he catches sight of an eerie light in the sky; inexplicably meaningful to Barrett, he begins to question its significance while haltingly seeking his own.
The traditional routes of foreign trade, however, were disrupted in the colonial period; they were re-activated, but haltingly, in the decades after independence.
18, haltingly at first before picking up speed in recent days, continued Wednesday.
She spoke haltingly, trembling as she tried to maintain her composure.
Haltingly, a few at a time, they waddled over to look at its lifeless form.
The princess is a black, so that is good for all the black kids out there," Pendergraft says haltingly, clearly reading from a script off-camera.
Summary: I've been a gadget fanatic since before I could haltingly pronounce "gadget," and technology is .
Their complex Story, haltingly pieced together on the journey, involves being rescued by one "mother' after another, their happiest childhood remembrances coinciding with the horrors of Bergen-Belsen, This moving evocation of a world gone mad through the eyes of toddlers opened Oct.
According to the report, another top adviser, Robert Gibbs, suggested that Americans tuning in won't see Obama studying his notes, speaking haltingly or looking down like he did two weeks ago, it added.

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