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As clear as they are, though, the pumpgirl's choices are not predictable, and Hammy and his sarcastic wife Sinead (Geraldine Hughes) are just as surprising.
whines Timmy, a co-conspirator in Hammy the hobo's demise.
Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts gives kids the chance to further engage themselves in the world of their favorite woodland creatures as they experience even more of their signature humor, friendship and fun.
A character off the field also, he drove a white Jaguar and sang in a pop group, Hammy and the Hamsters, with some of his team-mates.
An air of mediocrity hangs over the characters: the "pumpgirl" (Orla Fitzgerald), whose gas station is visited only by those who don't realize it's cheaper to get fuel a couple of miles down the road in the Republic of Ireland; Hammy (James Doran), who owes his fame as an amateur stock-car racer to his refusal to wear a helmet; and his wife, Sinead (Maggie Hayes), whose greatest pleasure is soaking up the atmosphere of the local market at closing time.
His chums - melodramatic possum Ozzie (Shatner) and his daughter Heather (Lavigne), energetic squirrel Hammy, sassy skunk Stella and porcupines Lou and Penny and their children - all agree, turning their attention to collecting enough food for next year's stores.
Heavy-handed and packed with hammy horror cliches, with dire dialogue and poor acting, this is one of the worst films I've seen in ages.
I hear that Hammy Hamster the hook-handed milkman, of old London Town, failed to attend his preliminary hearing because his toe nails needed cutting.
The result against the Danes means it is almost inconceivable for the team, led by Hammy McMillan, who has sat out the last three games due to loss of form, to make the top four of the 10-team event and earn a qualification berth in the semi-finals.
With their wooden questions and hammy answers, no-one would go on a date with these cupid stupids if it wasn't for Cilla's wry comments helping things along.
In the past he's often been too hammy for my tastes, but here he won me over.