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The question is: How did Hammy become so brilliant?
So far, Norwich fans are solidly behind Hammy and his No 2 Nigel Worthington.
I have read Hammy saying he scores them every day in training but I can exclusively reveal to Record Sportreaders that, sadly for Jim, that's not true.
Hammy McMillan and his European Champions' squad from Stranraer suffered a first defeat in the British Olympic team trials in Perth yesterday.
VISION: Sophie; STAMP IT OUT: The tiny hammy in her envelope at the vet's yesterday
But his world comes crashing down when King Charles II (an enjoyably hammy Rupert Everett) declares, at the urging of his mistress, that men may no longer play women's parts.
After a couple of weeks of wobbly storylines, dodgy characters and hammy actors, far from challenging EastEnders, Corrie or Emmerdale, City is starting to look a lot like High Road without the scenery.
Mary had managed to save her other pets - Spider the dog, Snowy the budgie and Hammy the hamster - but Harvey, a three-year-old African grey, got left behind in the flat in Southampton, Hants.
Gregg is in no doubt that instead of knocking Stute down a peg or two in east Belfast, Hammy should have been on call in Slovenia.
We have plenty of bowling options and would see Hammy as a valuable top order batsman.
Warwick Smith's Olympic squad - minus deposed skip Hammy McMillan - reached today's men's final after a 5-4 win over Douglas Dryburgh's Kirkcaldy rink.
Hammy McMillan won the World Championship in 1999 and has more experience in international curling than most.