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Continuing ahead up the right hand field edge, we reach Ryedale Lane at the northern edge of Ellerby village.
At the hand field, a K-wire was carefully passed through the distal phalanx in the second toe after the articular cartilage had been removed with a rongeur.
Continuing ahead along the left hand field edge we follow the left bend past a ford to reach a metal gate and footbridge over Cod Beck.
In 2009 plans for 60 lodges on the nearby Blue Hand Field were rejected and an appeal was also turned down, but only on the single issue that the site comprised high-grade agricultural land.
The Command Center will get first hand field reports from national and state-based Black women leaders who are leading non-partisan GOTV efforts, voter protection and monitoring the polls in communities of color.
On entering the next field bear right toward the stile about one third the distance up the right hand field wall.
Proceed through the gap in the far right hand field corner and ascend to Carry Lane.
We follow the left hand field edge for 50 yards before bearing to the right across the field to reach a metal field gate leading to the public road.