hand grenade

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Alexander Rintoul at Tynemouth on the day he found the hand grenade (inset) Stuart Rintoul
The police have defused the two hand grenades, according to Altynok.
A worker at Wynsors World of Shoes, opposite the park, said: "We don't know what's going on but customers have told us there's a bomb or hand grenade been found there.
The military hand grenade detonated at a little before 2am in the front entrance of Katsounotos' two-storey home, which he shares with his family and in-laws.
Ziarat Gul told Pajhwok Afghan News 19 civilians were injured when a hand grenade was thrown from the second floor of the Hamam Market.
An army explosive team was drafted in yesterday morning after police investigating an earlier explosion in Fremington Court, Upper York Street, Spon End came across a hand grenade.
In Hirmel, 2 Soviet-made hand grenades were safely dismantled by army sappers while a 52-year-old driver from Jbeil rammed with his car a pine tree where he died shortly after of his injuries at Lady Martin' s hospital.
BEIRUT: A hand grenade exploded Wednesday in a parking lot near Beirut's engineering union, damaging nearby cars and lightly wounding a Syrian national, Lebanese officials said.
POLICE sealed off part of a tip at Rover Way, Cardiff, yesterday after heavy vehicles exposed a hand grenade in the mud.
People were told to vacate Hoylake Municipal Golf Club, on Carr Lane, after a suspected hand grenade was discovered in the grounds just after 2.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: One civilian was killed and two more were wounded in a hand grenade explosion in central Mosul on Wednesday, a source from the Ninewa Operations Command said.
Summary: A police station had to be evacuated after an elderly woman handed in a Second World War hand grenade and two rounds of ammunition.