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Stallions used with hand mating should be adept at teasing mares.
TABLE 11-1 Quantitative Data on Stallion Semen and Spermatozoa Volume per Ejaculate Sperm per Cubic Total Sperm in Milliliters Millimeter in Ejaculate 60 to 100 150 to 300 million 5 to 15 billion TABLE 11-2 Breeding Characteristics of Mares Range in age when heat 15 to 24 months period begins Recommended minimum age 24 to 36 months to breed Duration of estrus (heat) 3 to 7 days Best time to breed Every other day beginning second day of heat If not bred, estrus recurs in: 10 to 35 days TABLE 11-3 Mating Capacity of Sires Number of Females to Mate in a Breeding Season Age of Sire Hand Mating Pasture Mating 2-year-old stallion 10 5 3-year-old stallion 30 15 4-year-old stallion 35 to 40 20 5-year-old stallion 40 to 75 20 to 25