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Angela Noble, MAC make-up artist, began Kim's lesson in front of a large mirror and also gave Kim a small hand mirror so that she could see what happening throughout her lesson.
The rich and beautiful lamps, furniture and porcelain used in Sense and Sensibility and A Room With a View were the real thing, as was the Empire period snake head-dress Nicole Kidman wore in Portrait of a Lady, while the tortoiseshell and silver hand mirror Kate Winslet gazed into inTitanic would have delighted any collector.
Perhaps she should buy herself a hand mirror there, just to avoid those slip ups that could mar a lifetime of make-up perfection.
Naz studied his haircut in the hand mirror for what seemed like several minutes with an admiration that would have put Narcissus to shame before uttering his conclusion: "Now that's what I call proper.
It might also be helpful if she uses a hand mirror to familiarise herself with the appearance of her genitals.
To ensure they're symmetrical, use a hand mirror while applying, but step back from time to time and look at yourself from a distance - in good light of course.
Use a hand mirror to look behind |rainwater pipes as splits and cracks in old cast iron and aluminium often occur here and are not easily noticed.
Always take a little hand mirror with you, so that you can see the back view for yourself.
HELLo Yes, that's right, chaps, it's your turn to experience the hell of swimwear panic, binge-starvation and the painful humiliation of using tweezers and a hand mirror to pluck every single hair that could cause offence - nay, riots - should you sit with your legs a millimetre apart at the edge of the pool.