hand-to-hand fight

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Glaucus, moreover, son of Hippolochus, captain of the Lycians, in hard hand-to-hand fight smote Iphinous son of Dexius on the shoulder, as he was springing on to his chariot behind his fleet mares; so he fell to earth from the car, and there was no life left in him.
This was Carlo Goldoni, one of the first of the realists, but antedating conscious realism so long as to have been born at Venice early in the eighteenth century, and to have come to his hand-to-hand fight with the romanticism of his day almost before that century had reached its noon.
At three o'clock the fire of the Arabs ceased; the hand-to-hand fight lasted two hours; it was a massacre.
From the engine room companionway came the engineer and stockers, and together we leaped after the balance of the crew and into the hand-to-hand fight that was covering the wet deck with red blood.
If there was any very desperate hand-to-hand fight, it would necessarily happen that nine hundred hand-to-hand fighting, if really desperate, would surely be able to kill more than fifteen of our men before their last man and woman and child perished.
That incredible, bruising hand-to-hand fight sequence in a carriage of the Orient Express in From Russia With Love confirms this Bond knows how to handle himself.
The Dutch forces, in the hand-to-hand fight, couldn't bear the brunt of the gunnery of the soldiers.
Rick Grimes left the prison in a bad shape, he and the Governor had an ugly hand-to-hand fight.
The need of handgun practice, in the middle of a potential nuclear conflict, neither makes sense nor is good PR; it was as if Mr Kim was being prepared to confront President Obama in a hand-to-hand fight in classical sense.
There's also a hand-to-hand fight between Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme, who revels as the film's arch villain Jean Vilain, while Schwarzenegger and Willis zoom around in a Smart car and martial arts legend Chuck Norris turns up for inexplicable reasons.
During the time of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, naval warfare centred on long, narrow vessels powered by oarsmen designed to ram and sink enemy vessels or to attack its occupants for a hand-to-hand fight.
And Greengrass's method of constantly moving the camera makes the hand-to-hand fight scenes feel brutally real.