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PURSE. In Turkey the sum of five hundred dollars is called a purse. Merch. Dict. h.t.

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And if you still think pounds 500 is an extortionate amount of money for a bag and its contents, ponder the world's most expensive handbag.
Style-conscious customers will be able to snap up a piece of fashion history when Handbag Clinic opens on Mosley Street on Friday, November 27.
The difference of this distinctive priceless handbag is that the inspiration initially came from a seven year old child in China, whose environment-friendly originality channels Van Gogh's magnificent style, and the perfect interpretation of short strokes and beautiful colors that truly expresses the "beautiful world.
The analysts forecast the Handbags market in the US, in terms of revenue and volume, to grow at CAGRs of 5.
The celebrity auction was the culmination of a month-long handbag amnesty organised by Cancer Research UK and women's website handbag.
A CHARITY auction featuring handbags donated by celebrities including Dame Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church will start on Sunday.
uk which published the research, said: "I'd advise all women to go through their handbag and make sure everything is clean and usable.
CRAMMED: Catherine Davies with her handbag, and some of its contents, above
Cross-examined by prosecutor John Oates, she insisted the handbag never arrived and the handbag seen by work colleagues was a different one she had bought on holiday in Spain.
WOMEN in Liverpool can follow celebrities Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley by donating their handbags to charity.
PC Louisa Adcock, from Walsall Town Centre Neighbourhood Team, said that a number of purse and handbag thefts had been reported recently.
She attended the "Hollywood Bag Ladies" event in Los Angeles, where some big names donated handbags for Lupus charities.