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Unlike the stationed tailors of the city, he pulls handcart himself down the roads in search of customers.
Of the five church-sanctioned groups that left in 1856, the last two the Willie and Martin handcart companies, named for the two men in charge and consisting of nearly 1,000 persons got a late start.
They walked while pushing or pulling a handcart, re-enacting a chapter of U.
Based on a true historical incident, the novel colorfully depicts the historical background of the Mormon handcart companies' trek to escape religious persecution and build a new city in the American desert.
Erdmann, a University of California, Berkeley biologist working in Indonesia, spotted a dead coelacanth on a handcart as he and his bride arrived at a fish market a year ago.
As it worked out, the ranks of these handcart pioneers included a high percentage of women and children and the elderly.
Mind, Body, Soul, 1997, consisted of a large rectangular block of wood, some rope, and a handcart.
A man pulling a handcart was carrying a paper lantern.
For Cho, running Toyota is like "trying to pull a handcart up a steep hill--there's always tremendous danger if we relax, even for a moment, we could loose momentum and be thrown to the bottom.
Dad started the business with a handcart which progressed to many shops in Liverpool, some having two in the same street or road, such as Great Homer Street, Park Road, Wavertree Road.
Shafique Nang claimed the Taliban had given the children a handcart to take it to Ghazni City.
With cuts to legal aid and the probations service the system is going to hell in a handcart.