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The dignitary lifted the golden handcuffs from the pillow upon which they reposed.
And I'll get the handcuffs," said the other runner, searching his coat-pockets.
Haley now came to the door, with the handcuffs in his hands.
Sheldon gave the keys of the handcuffs to a house-boy, who went under the house and loosed the prisoner.
I think you had better put the handcuffs away again.
Larsan is used to wrestling and putting on the handcuffs.
I recollected the handcuffs in his state-room, which he preferred to use on sailors instead of the ancient and clumsy ship irons.
Treating his struggles as the struggles of a baby, Meekins next proceeded to secure his wrists with handcuffs.
In his hand glittered a pair of handcuffs, and before I knew it one had snapped its jaws about my right wrist.
But at the word, though only thought, not spoken, he felt the handcuffs galling his wrists, the cord pressing his arms to his sides: the loaded guns levelled at his head; and those cold, bright, sharp, shining points turned towards him: the mere looking down at which, now that he was bound and helpless, made the warm current of his life run cold.
said the stouter man, smoothing down his hair, and laying a pair of handcuffs on the table.
he continued, taking a pair of steel handcuffs from a drawer.