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Finally we managed to restrain her and handcuff her - she told us that she knows someone influential in Abu Dhabi and she threatened us," the police corporal told prosecutors.
We removed the handcuffs using small cutting equipment and the woman was taken to hospital by ambulance because her wrist was very swollen.
If the farmer had kept a pair of handcuffs in his kitchen drawer, and had been trained and certified by us, a safe and effective restraint could have been made with no possibility of any liability.
This week we look at the how handcuffs have developed as a means of restraining prisoners.
The Court then addressed the manner in which Mena was detained during the search--the use of handcuffs on Mena and noted that "[i]nherent in Summers' authorization to detain an occupant of the place to be searched is the authority to use reasonable force to effectuate the detention.
The chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, Michael Todd, whose force believes officers should be able to handcuff anyone they arrest without fearing allegations of assault, attended the conference to support Ms Berry's stance.
He said the parents asked the deputy to place the boy in handcuffs and let him sit in the back of a patrol car to teach him a lesson.
Once asked to present her papers, the Ugandan refused to cooperate and tried to flee before the police patrol members stopped her and tried to handcuff her.
Dubai: A driver has been jailed for six months for beating a policeman and injuring him when he tried to handcuff him and damaging his walkie-talkie at a Dubai Metro station.
There was also a handcuff around his right ankle bearing the serial number 0857.
Handcuffs are a symbol; a symbol of oppressoin, tyranny, and cruelty.