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If he had been handcuffed instead he would be alive today and behind bars.
They claimed they were policemen and handcuffed the victims, beat them and robbed the place.
A POLICE officer admitted he was "surprised" that an unconscious prisoner remained handcuffed in a police station forecourt.
But Alison, pictured, was appalled when officers who had been called to the home after he became aggressive handcuffed him, leaving bruising and cuts.
Summary: Marvin Humes has been handcuffed to a little person as the band celebrate his stag do.
A WOMAN who claims a cop handcuffed her in a crucifix position told the accused of a "cop fetish secret", a court heard yesterday.
A three members bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry adjourned hearing of Hamesh Khans plea not to be handcuffed on his extradition from US and fixed hearing with the main cases related to Rs 9 billion loan scam of Haris Steel Mills.
The Bristol-based officer is alleged to have handcuffed the lap dancer on three separate occasions and forced himself on her.
THE moment a woman collapsed with a fatal cardiac arrest while in custody shortly after being handcuffed, was described to an inquest injury.
New York, Mar 25 (ANI): An American lady, who tried to keep her marriage from ending, handcuffed herself to her husband while he was sleeping.
The woman said she thought she would die as David Bowes throttled her, handcuffed her hands and feet and raped her at his Stockton home.
Officers handcuffed Mena and three other individuals found on the property and removed them to a converted garage where they were allowed to move around but were forced to remain handcuffed.