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They assaulted the Pakistani workers and immobilised them after handcuffing them and walked away with cash and other valuables.
Yet, the Court upheld the detention in Summers and the detention and handcuffing in Mena.
Likewise, Kennedy wrote separately a "brief statement to help ensure that police handcuffing during searches becomes neither routine nor unduly prolonged.
A robber armed with a gun terrified a young shop assistant before handcuffing her and stealing hundreds of pounds from the safe.
What are the rules on handcuffing, and do I have grounds for complaint?
From an Associated Press article datelined Montgomery, Alabama, on the governor's defense of the state's use of hitching posts as prisoner restraints: "Governor Don Siegelman wants to resume handcuffing malingering inmates to outdoor metal posts because the restraints encourage prisoners to work as hard as the taxpayers who provide their upkeep, state prison commissioner Mike Haley testified.
His handcuffing is deemed to be in the public interest.
She also said that female midshipmen were involved in handcuffing Dreyer to the urinal.
A tyneside Real Fathers 4 Justice campaigner has taken his fight to the top ( by handcuffing himself to the Government's Families Minister.