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Then noiselessly turning the handle, she opened the heavy door.
The bowl was encircled by a woven band of grass, somewhat resembling those Turks' heads occasionally worked in the handles of our whip-stalks,
over the clay with handle attached for 24 hours or so.
The illuminated stand magnifiers with the highest reflective illuminance for all types of text and at all almost all distances were the Advantage brand with the 8-millimeter handle.
An array of options was offered at the show, from the traditional wood handle to easy-grip materials to more fashion-oriented colored handles.
The most important step is designing the container so that the handle can be properly processed.
The Port of Beaumont was first designated by the government to handle military cargo in 1953.
The only remaining subtlety is to show that this surface and the helicoid with a handle discovered in the 1990s are one and the same.
The company has worked on the handle's shape so that the same part of the finger is always placed on the handle for the precise identification of the vein patterns.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: Engineered to handle non-magnetic materials with a high-capacity vacuum lift.
Upper receiver: flat-top with removable carrying handle and elevation adjustment