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Glassheart succeeds as a platform for both Leona's outlandish vocal reach and some handsomely finessed big production pop.
Since independence is a long way off it is only prudent that Wales is handsomely compensated for its lack of sovereignty.
As I read through the expensively produced glossy annual report, I see the directors have paid themselves handsomely in salaries and benefits (nigh on pounds 1,100,000) for presiding over this catastrophic vote of no confidence from this well respected international credit rating organisation.
Summary: The British Pound has rebounded handsomely against the Japanese Yen in recent months, adding as much as 27.
Competing over three circuits at Ruthin School, Denbighshire, Bell's front-running tactics paid off handsomely though he had to give way in the final 200 metres to North Belfast's David Norwood, who was winning the new over-35 age group for the second time.
Club officials would love to see Tomko reach that goal, especially since he is by far the most handsomely compensated ($4.
She would prefer "unblinking honesty" about the exchange of money for human ova and finds it "degrading" to be both paid handsomely and considered altruistic.
Handsomely bound, beautifully illustrated with colour photos of famous paintings, appearing in both hardcover ($19.
It is handsomely produced and although drawings are scarce it combines iconic images of Modernism by Stoller and Korab, with informal shots from Saarinen's studio.
Every day, 30 million used water bottles are tossed away as more and more Americans avoid their taps in favor of handsomely packaged plastic bottles boasting "pure" and "natural" H20.
Real estate prices had appreciated handsomely in New York, so Brown increased his HELOC to $100,000 in order to make deals.
THE long haul from Cumbria to Arbroath paid off handsomely for Ged Stevens when he weighed in the winning bag in the second of two North East Region Opens.