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The show also included Shoe Bouquet, 2009, one of several sculptures in which Cole returns secondhand shoes to flowery handsomeness, and Hers and His, both 2010.
The way his head nodded slightly when he said "good experience," his bland handsomeness, the graying hair just above his ears, all made him seem earnest.
Now that I can see him properly in all his handsomeness, I think it's enormously flattering - apart from the stomach which appears to be sticking out a bit" - Sir Terry Wogan, after studying a life-size cake replica of himself.
When she was about to answer, he went on to say: "You cannot possibly have married him for his handsomeness.
In 1592 Webbe expresses the hope that the play might 'again more boldly come abroad, and by your permission returne to his olde parents clothed perhaps not in richer or more costly furniture then it went from them, but in handsomeness & fashion more answerable to these times'.
Trading on Nour's Keanu Reeves-ish look, Ashraf radiates the qualities of bland, middle-class handsomeness, and he even has a pretty girlfriend to match.
They looked at her, waiting to hear why she'd summoned them, but their lost beauty, their destroyed handsomeness, transfixed her.
The "good-looking score," or the degree of handsomeness, was classified by each of the ladies on a 7-point Likert scale (1 = ugly; 7 = very good looking).
A person attains the status of dheng by his or her conduct: 'Among the many positive meanings of dheng are nobility, beauty, handsomeness, elegance, charm, grace, gentleness, hospitality, generosity, good manners, discretion, and kindness.
In Hebrew one can discern the double semantic charge in terms for beauty applied both to God and to human beauty: hadar, no'am, tip ara may apply to human handsomeness and regal beauty (Esth.
Zarem's words true, James could have willed himself into handsomeness, saving a lot of pain, expense, and swelling.