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Their suspense was not long, for suddenly the monkey skin dropped off, and there stood Prince Alphege, the handsomest and most charming of men.
He likewise imputed her yielding to the ungovernable force of her love towards him; and this the reader will allow to have been a very natural and probable supposition, as we have more than once mentioned the uncommon comeliness of his person: and, indeed, he was one of the handsomest young fellows in the world.
The Duke thinks her the handsomest girl in the room.
While he was engaged in conversation with me, they brought him word that in company with me was one of the handsomest and most graceful youths that could be imagined.
And very justly," returned the daughter; "I think him the handsomest man that I have ever seen.
But a handkerchief I am determined to have, and it shall be the very handsomest I can find.
for Miss Bertram is in general thought the handsomest.
Then entered the twins--the handsomest, the best dressed, the most distinguished-looking pair of young fellows the West had ever seen.
and this dear parlour in which our acquaintance first began, and in which so many happy hours have been since spent by us together, you would degrade to the condition of a common entrance, and every body would be eager to pass through the room which has hitherto contained within itself more real accommodation and comfort than any other apartment of the handsomest dimensions in the world could possibly afford.
And again, "If she ben't one o' th' handsomest, she's noan faal and varry good-natured; and i' his een she's fair beautiful, onybody may see that.
No, I really detest them all; but Harry Meltham is the handsomest and most amusing, and Mr.
The supper itself, absolutely the best of its kind, from the caviare and plovers' eggs to the marvellous ices, and served in one of the handsomest rooms in London, was really beyond criticism.