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Handyman services aren't all that Handy Guy offers the Des Moines, Iowa area.
Locking Handy out of his office may have reflected an excess of caution, but it must be remembered that the constituent who delivered a copy of Handy's letter was a lawyer who believed a violation of campaign and ethics laws had occurred, and that Handy shared office space with the county counsel and other officials who dealt with county legal documents.
Duff and Phelps LLC acted as financial advisor to the Handy and Harman special committee, and Graubard Miller served as legal counsel to the special committee.
According to Cowart, working with DA gives Handy an advantage in saving time and money by utilizing DA's vendor programs and taking advantage of its advertising and promotional programs.
This year he captured the Durham County Boys - an Under-18 tournament, for which Handy will still be eligible during the next two seasons.
If it is mandated, for instance, that automobiles have back-up cameras, "it's a very short step to have a recording back-up camera," Handy said.
Now actor/director John Bett is set to bring the stories of Para Handy, engineer Dan Macphail, ship's mate Dougie and Sunny Jim the cabin boy to the stage.
The riders then had a bash at the Handy Pony and Handy Horse where they had to ride through unusual obstacles against the clock.
3 : clever or skillful especially with the hands <My cousin is handy at small jobs.
IN-FORM trainer Graham Holland holds a strong hand in tonight's final of the Tyrur Ted Champion Bitch 550 at Galway this evening, with his Handy Princess set to go off a warm order.
Reinhard, Handy and Trey Williams all atoned for earlier mistakes during Village Christian's comeback, helping the Crusaders convert two fourth-down conversions on the series that cut the deficit to 33-31, and another on the final drive that kept hopes for an undefeated league title alive.