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I have been a handyman for much of my life, so that often came up in my conversations with customers who were struggling or confused about a project," he says.
Handyman services aren't all that Handy Guy offers the Des Moines, Iowa area.
Over the next 14 months, the handyman and his young sidekick turned up at Mary's house on a frequent basis, for no more than one hour on each occasion.
The strategic partnership between Quintiq and ePocket Handyman allows customers to leverage the best of breed SCP&O environment and mobile communications platforms.
They are taking work away from me," said Eugene handyman Joe Coelho.
To be safe, she asked the company's handyman to build shelves in a vacant room, install a new lock and give her the only key, turning the room into a safe.
While there are stand-alone Case handyman franchises, many are owned by remodelers who already had full-service operations and are now running both, separately.
However, Hobbs explained: "Luckily, Handyman is part-owned by Denise Winton, and it is her husband Harold's bloodstock company who are contributing towards the prize-money for the race, so all is not lost.
Before the deaths, rumours said Nick, who had been working as Beverley's handyman, was having an affair with her.
The job at Handyman Online paid $8 an hour -- alluring compensation for a student on scholarship.
It's gotta be sheer coincidence that Mike Kelley's exhibition opened the same month that Superman officially died, but the end of an era of a red-white-and-blue super hero couldn't be a more fitting backdrop to Kelley's take on another media cliche of masculinity--the suburban handyman.