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He's also got that hangdog, worldweary attitude to him too, which I think is a bit of a master-stroke on the part of the show's creators.
His hangdog expression that drags through his latest series leaves you in stitches.
Sly, 67, and 66-year-old Arnie are now a perfect hangdog fit on screen in their new muscles-under-wraps movie, Pension Plan.
This morning I saw his hangdog face as he sat in the backyard, drawing circles in the dirt with a stick.
Making an abrupt about-face from his previous "Plato's Academy," helmer Filippos Tsitos favors bold lensing in this tale of a hangdog police interrogator and a cleaning lady whose diverse fundamental outlooks make a true connection impossible.
salt, she dives in, cranes shoulders into her hangdog back.
I'm not even sure that it's down to Gianni, the hangdog, stay-athome husband - all rueful smiles and Robert Mitchum-like baggy eyes - who has retired from work, sleeps apart from his wife and spends his days running errands and walking his dog.
For a man whose face oozes gloom, it was not difficult for Grant to adopt a hangdog look as he pondered his future just a year afters taking Portsmouth in the same direction.
It's also quite hard to believe Maria Bello would have an affair with Lee Jones, whose craggy, hangdog features are at least perfect for this role.
Despite his hangdog expression, Bassett hound Mr Jeffries has just been declared a record breaker.
The price of cathode fell to US$3,000 per ton at present from US$8,000 last year, Buda Prison Hangdog, a company manager, said.
30pm This bleak yet witty comedy, based on the novel by Charles Bukowski, revolves around a charismatically hangdog Matt Dillon as a hard-drinking but sharp-witted would-be author unable to keep a job, but possessed of a burning passion for writing, women and booze.