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Thieves stole 50 metres of 33,000 volt overhead powerline cabling, endangering the public by leaving the damaged high voltage electricity cables hanging loose and close to the ground.
The Liverpool girl signature back bend is obviously amongst the most popular - you know the one, arched back, ns eck stretched and hair hanging loose and free as far down as you can.
Lara only sported her engagement and wedding rings with her hair hanging loose and flushed cheeks.
Tie a knot near the end of the ribbons, leaving the last inch or so of ribbon hanging loose.
Ilse Van de Keere, a police spokeswoman, said officers on a routine patrol were suspicious of the vehicle because it carried reproduction number-plates and had wires hanging loose inside.
There was a bit of my ear lobe hanging loose and the surgeon managed to sew that back on.
Yesterday, 45-year-old Ms Henson, dressed in a black trouser suit with her long blonde hair hanging loose around her shoulders, tearfully blew kisses to the white coffins of her four children as they arrived at St Oswald's Church in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, for their funeral service.
According to the founder and originator of BALLER JEANS, Zak King, "Every guy I know wants to look sharp while still hanging loose.
The cover had been hanging loose for a couple of weeks but someone must have come and ripped it off completely.
Alexie had a problem with alcohol that began soon after he started college at Gonzaga, but after learning that Hanging Loose Press agreed to publish The Business of Fancydancing, he immediately gave up drinking at the age of 23 and has been sober ever since
The trainer reached into Big Audio's mouth and pulled out the tooth, which had been hanging loose.
She was snapped with a strap hanging loose while buying scented candles in Beverly Hills.