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Although it resembles an amateur compilation, this is a must-read--with consideration given to a Hanging Loose Magazine subscription.
A poetry professor, Nelson recently moved from New York to Los Angeles and has previously published two poetry collections, Shiner and The Latest Winter, both with Hanging Loose Press.
following journals: Hanging Loose, Puerto del Sol, and ZYZZYVA.
There was one thread hanging loose from that sartorial eyesore, and when someone gave it a tug .
She is presently a visiting fellow at the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University, and she has new work forthcoming in Shenandoah, Hanging Loose, Boston Review, Callaloo, and Fence.
a "lamp-like object" hanging loose from the walls of Habu Tunnel between Asa and Shin-Shimonoseki stations.
He was blown off his seat by the force and when he tried to move his left arm he found it was hanging loose," added Mr Burrows.
There are rules against hats, against wearing certain colors, against having one pant leg rolled up, or one overall strap hanging loose over your shoulder.
Review, Borderlands, Hanging Loose, and Best American Poetry.
The 33-year-old former model sported a baseball cap with her blonde hair hanging loose, a jersey, sweatpants and sneakers.