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Here's a warning for any Mayflower descendants who hanker to visit "this Sceptered Isle .
I can't hanker you now; you'll have to wait for the handkerchief.
By the time the warrants were transferred to Taxpayer's affiliate, their value had increased substantially; nevertheless, the controlled corporation sold the warrants at the price the investment hanker had determined.
No one would hanker too much on price as long as the products were delivered on time.
And if we hanker for travel in another dimension, if we've got our heart set on zipping off into the future or dropping back into the recent or Paleolithic past--what then?
Like all reactionaries, Gingrich and company hanker sentimentally after some romanticized period from the past when life was good, when "there was a clear sense of what it meant to be an American.
TIME and again English to hanker 'to have a longing or craving' (after, for) has been stated to be borrowed from Flemish.
If you hanker after something gently rolling, slightly to the folky side of country and understated in its melodic simplicity than you may get something pleasurable from the London trio.
Music Songwriters' Circle (BBC Four, 10pm) FUN as it is watching Lady GaGa parade around the world dressed in casserole ingredients and a fascinator, there is something about the modern pop star that makes genuine musiclovers hanker for something with a bit more heart and soul.
We just seem to be programmed to hanker for things we haven't got, and when we get them, we hanker for what we already had.
And, despite her flourishing acting career, Billie has admitted she does still hanker after those days.
If ever you hanker for a more bucolic life and don't know where to start, grab this book.