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On corrected time, Host Plus Executive won from Haphazard and the former half-tonner Lock on Wood, a 1983 Dubois design skippered by another Hobart yachtsman, Peter Geeves.
In the case of haphazard sampling, the selection process is intended to emulate equal probability sampling, with the effect that all population elements have the same chance of selection.
Ultimately Tebeau makes a reasonable claim for fire safety regulations as "the most impressive and successful of all Progressive Era reforms" (251), while showing that it took nearly a century of haphazard observation of the calamitous destruction of fires for Americans to adopt building codes and social practices inimical to conflagration.
A busy FDR Drive service road and haphazard parking lots had long limited the public's access to the East River waterfront.
These pensions were also provided on a haphazard and temporary basis and often involved political struggles between those who claimed assistance and those who were responsible for the public purse.
One particular NYCB corps girl with a noodley back, a wayward center, and haphazard turns studied with Black for a concentrated period.
The court noted past erroneous and haphazard placements at the facility, and the availability of administrative segregation to ensure the state's interest in safety.
Daily living is both haphazard and potentially dangerous in this wryly comic novel about a dysfunctional family's experiences from 1959-1970.
You would be surprised at how many companies communicate with the SEC in a haphazard manner.
However, that stimulation is haphazard, says Orozco.
He describes his entrance into television as something of an accident, and rolls his eyes at the haphazard ways some of his programs were produced.
But his talents couldn't make up for his haphazard choice of roles or his curious lack of chemistry with his female costars.