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Carefully arrange the tooling in cleaning baskets--don't throw it in haphazardly.
The liberation of New Orleans has begun, a little late and a touch haphazardly.
People are rightfully hungry for silence amid the daily deluge of images and information, and changes in Catholic liturgy and piety, sometimes haphazardly implemented, have left some hungry for a time when a different kind of reverence and decorum marked Sunday Mass.
If you haphazardly toss the chock blocks behind the slat armor, the chains hang down and can get run over by the tires.
Although the handling of the video might appear haphazardly loose, all the footage has been carefully edited (nearly two hundred hours of shooting for Pirate Party and Houseboat Party were edited down to six shorter video loops).
Particularly a new street, in the heart of the City of London; an area richly steeped in history, and haphazardly defined by a unique dense mediaeval web of streets.
He strews interesting anecdotes about executive power and American foreign policy haphazardly throughout the text without any cohesive analysis as to undercut any sustained argument.
With no official municipal policy to guide or restrict them, private developers did as they wished with this exurban land, haphazardly building low-quality housing and factories.
The Applewhites, from four-year-old Destiny to grandfather Zedediah, are all creative, talented, artistic types, and their haphazardly run school is more of a self-education opportunity.
Futures research may constitute the only hope to predict with any degree of accuracy what is coming, rather than to guess haphazardly and only hope for something close to a correct assessment.
We intend to go to the market well educated and not haphazardly.
These are tough judgment calls to make in any circumstances and are often resolved haphazardly today.