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In this paper, we talk about KERMAN, a secret common haphazardness foundation calculation for impromptu systems, which works by reaping haphazardness straightforwardly from the organize directing metadata, along these lines accomplishing both unadulterated irregularity era and (certainly) mystery key assertion.
But the haphazardness of the contents is balanced by the professional gloss that comes from being within the modern mall.
Many Israelis argue that this notion gives too much credit to their society and leadership and contend that minimal planning, chance, luck, and near total haphazardness have brought them to their precarious state of affairs.
Kandel warned in 1943 of the haphazardness of learning based on a "group culture" that rejects "bookish" education and the authority of the teacher (Kandel 1943, 73-80); yet proponents of the workshop model often ignore its drawbacks and tout it as a grand solution.
At a time in the history of American entrepreneurialism when Avis saw the advantage of advertising itself as "Number Two" and Volkswagen sold itself as the "bug," Chavez made the smallness of his union, its haphazardness, a kind of boast.
She made the braids quickly, without a mirror, and she wanted credit for their haphazardness.
All the haphazardness has been taken out of the game and it is conducted from beginning to end just as any other well-organized business.
It was a pretty awful encounter, full of mistakes and haphazardness which started in atrocious conditions.
The order and symmetry are jarring amidst the haphazardness of this poor land.
Understood in such terms, the experience of political freedom, with all its haphazardness and unpredictability, constitutes the very essence of public life.
It intends to show, from the perspective of global history, that the early-modern European witch hunt was unique but not exceptional; along with witchcraft, it is a perennial human fact; was underlined by a plethora of human factors, the gist of which is none other than a power game, scapegoating, and persecution of the Other; needs triggering, in the form of personal animosity, social tension, or natural haphazardness, among other factors.
But while his work has the bare-boned tenuousness and temporariness of a construction site, it doesn't have its violence or haphazardness.