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The hapless Luigi, comprehending suddenly that his wife was starving, was seized with the fever which consumed her.
The ordinary lion pit with which Tarzan was familiar had stakes imbedded in the bottom, upon whose sharpened points the hapless lion would be impaled, but this pit was not so made.
Swinson said: "You just look at some of the stereotypes in popular culture, the Homer Simpson type of dads just being hapless and not being up to the job.
Summary: Local authorities to initiate action against couple who tried to exploit the condition of the hapless woman
It's been 20 years since hapless manager Gordon Brittas and his team at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre graced our screens.
He was best known for playing hapless Spanish waiter Manuel alongside John Cleese in classic 70s comedy Fawlty Towers, but had a long stage and screen career before that.
provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced the results of a new IDC white paper in Europe titled Detecting and Responding to the Accidental Breach: The Impact of the Hapless User.
MANILA -- Albay Representative Edsel Lagman filed, on Thursday, a bill to allow absolute divorce in the country, which he said would provide 'a merciful liberation of the hapless wife from a long-dead marriage.
The woeful defending in a game of poor quality seemed to sum up the visitors' hapless season as they suffered a sixth successive league defeat, leaving them marooned at the bottom of the table, eight points behind second from bottom Newcastle United.
Back in 2003, Jeremy Corbyn said people in the rest of Europe were fed-up with Britain toadying to the US and had taken revenge on the hapless Liverpool duo, Jemini, by refusing to award them a single point.
Hapless teenager Sam Witwicky is caught in the middle of the ensuing conflict as he holds the key to discovering the location of the device.
They will be licking their lips at the prospect of facing the hapless Sharks, who sit second bottom after four straight defeats and have the lowest points-for total having not scored a single point in their previous two.