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On the other hand, a large increase in the number that must never be allowed to happen again surely implies that such events, when they happened this time, were allowed by your department and ought not to have been.
You're also letting people know how much you care about what happens in your industry, and to the people who are directly and indirectly a part of it.
When that happens, the strength of the US-Japan relationship will be tested in direct proportion to the number of casualties Japan suffers.
An accident in which there is a proposition like all things that happen is always coincidental with an accident in which there is no proposition.
All participants in an event, including the suspect, eyewitnesses, and officers, have the potential to see, hear, feel, or experience things that did not actually happen.
I thought of the episodes that were beginning to happen to me day in and day out.
The interview usually begins by asking the child to talk about what happens when he or she focuses on a particular issue such as a recent fight at home or school or their parents' impending divorce.
It just happened that way and there is not any way to arrange it to happen in this way.
It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen.
Again, I emphasize that I don't know exactly what happened, but I've seen it happen in foundries.
It can happen at a $2 million business with smaller amounts--say, $100 to $200 a shot.