happen simultaneously

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They added: "If due process is followed, then tax and regulation are likely to happen simultaneously - late 2013, early 2014 - but early adoption cannot be ruled out.
Because the one-inch polyurethane collar also fits most e-collar receivers, tracking and training can happen simultaneously.
Gul said he believed Hamas had already internalized recognizing Israel in its pre-1967 borders, but wants that to happen simultaneously with Israel's recognition of a Palestinian state, WSJ wrote.
SAO PAULO, November 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Brazilian experience spanning nearly four decades with large-scale production and use of sugarcane ethanol will be presented in a variety of formats by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-16) and the World Climate Summit (WCS), which happen simultaneously from November 29 to December 10 in Cancun, Mexico.
Salehi reiterated that Tehran insisted that the "exchange [of fuel] must happen simultaneously and inside Iran," adding that such a condition was "not illogical.
I like the traditional aspects of [Japanese] society and the contemporary aspects and how they happen simultaneously," he says.
Moffat proposes a nonlinear approach to warfare--that is, events in battle happen simultaneously and chaotically--and tidily summarizes his intent by noting that "capturing the process of intelligent agents in conflict, set within a widely divergent set of possible futures, leads to a rich set of possible trajectories of system evolution for analysis to consider.
The end of their story will leave readers wondering if there's truth to that idea, if one way is better than the other, or if maybe both exploding and imploding can happen simultaneously.
Associated events will happen simultaneously at three other BHA luxury venues across Wales - The Castle Hotel, Conwy, The Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells and St Brides Hotel in Saundersfoot.
Cooking in the kitchen, watching TV in the lounge, playing cards on the dining table and taking in the beautiful views from the balcony could all happen simultaneously, without anyone feeling cut off.
One of the most important, in terms of your attitude to work-life balance, is the intuition versus sensing choice--in short, do you see work and play as things that happen simultaneously (do you make a game out of sorting out the laundry, perhaps?
School board President David Huffaker said the district's pattern is for new school construction to happen simultaneously as houses are being built.