happen upon

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If you make your way into a cafe in this town, you might happen upon a charming interior patio, washed by the sun and thickly overgrown.
For one thing, ants don't just happen upon the fungus they tend.
We have a wide variety of constituencies and want to meet the needs of those who visit and know what they're looking for as well as others who happen upon us as a Jewish site and need help whether in finding a local synagogue or learning something about an upcoming Jewish holiday.
DON'T forget to tune in to tomorrow night's edition of Rosemary And Thyme on ITV1, so that you can find out what Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris (AKA Rosemary and Thyme) are getting up to as they go about their gardening business but also happen upon a murder mystery or two.
Geologists normally happen upon landslide scenes long after the action has ended.
On the way home from school, Allie and her best friend Sam (Todd) happen upon a discarded contraption and discover that it is actually a weather-making machine.
Amid weathered signs hawking the old ``Log Jammer'' ride and ``Elmer Fudd's Orchards,'' visitors happen upon a large replica of a great white shark enjoying a tasty snack - the finned feet and sun-tanned legs of a swimmer protrude from the beast's jaws.
Leprechauns have been known to take deadly revenge on those who happen upon them.
If biologists were to happen upon a new animal species with teeth and claws, they would take precautions even though the animal might turn out to be a pussycat.
Advertisers on Juno do not have to wait for prospective customers to happen upon the ads they have placed in a limited number of locations on the Web, and can control the frequency with which an individual viewer sees a given piece of creative.
The formula is evergreen - our heroes, skilled in the art of forensics, happen upon a crime scene and pick it apart, minute detail by minute detail, even more assiduously than O.
One of the first creatures you happen upon is a saltwater crocodile, one of the most terrifying creatures on Earth.