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How can your department claim credit for a halving in the number of events that must never happen again when, by definition, such events just happened whether they were allowed to or not?
e p My dad doesn't know anything about what happened between us.
In some cases, the office sends material to the Sheriff's Department for storage, and Kennerly said that could have happened with the jersey.
A half a century later Hollywood cashed in on the appetite for serials, and soon millions of Americans were pouring into the local Roxy every weekend to catch the Saturday matinee, mostly in hopes of finding out what had happened to Cowboy Rex or Captain X in the latest chapter of their favorite western or sci-fi serial.
I think that what is happening now in Bolivia, what happened in Ecuador, are symptomatic of this.
And, if nobody followed, who told Luke about what happened so he could write it down?
What if it happened yet you were one of only a handful left to continue with your life, but you're changed .
HERE are some more of those memory joggers, from more innocent and less fearful times -- those things we always begin by saying ``Whatever happened to .
IN AN OBSCURE 1973 STORY titled "Flash Crowd," the science-fiction writer Larry Niven describes how an argument at a shopping mall, which happened to be covered by a news crew, swells into a riot.
People can be divided into three groups: Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and Those who wonder what happened.
I suggested that it might be possible to live more fully in the present if you could avoid being victimized by things that had happened in the past.