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The tweets under the Twitter Happening Now timeline are curated using an algorithm.
One of her central aims is to rehabilitate the critical function of the Happening, as part of a more general "turn to a (problematized) 'theatrical' mode.
I think you have to look at what is happening long term with the economy and there is a lot of uncertainty.
The idea was to touch them and spark it to start happening on the inside of those Buddhas like it had in him.
She was unable to think dialectically in that she could not understand what was happening from any other person's point of view.
It has probably crept up on you unnoticed, but it is happening.
What is happening right now is that all these cheap single-payer systems are essentially poaching.
not only analyzing what is happening to us everyday, but showing the way we must go for a better life, a healthy economy, better education for our children, physical health and fitness.
The Happening is performed according to plan but without rehearsal, audience, or repetition.
What we saw happening in New York City after September 11 was like this.
Scientists from all over the world agree that global climate change is happening faster than ever; that the overall warming trend brings with it much weather turbulence (not all heat