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This study investigated how the 5 components of planned happenstance skills are related to adolescents' occupational identity statuses.
They restored the surfaces the way make-up restores faces, except that close up we're layered with happenstance and very few end up pink and refreshed.
Shamaqdari insisted the blast resulted from the teenager's sense of adventure and occurred by the Khorasan Rezavi governor general's office as a happenstance because the three were familiar with the neighborhood, the Islamic Students News Agency reported.
By a strange happenstance, Kevin wins a photography contest and the prize is a free trip to Churchill, Manitoba to photograph polar bears, with a professional wildlife photographer as a mentor.
But I am sure that the full branch library funding does not depend on the happenstance of the existence of the rare books, especially when the likely proceeds of auction and dispersal are relatively small in comparison with the developer pot.
And since criminals don't consider borders all that much when committing crimes, it stands to reason that the Valley's good fortune was merely happenstance.
Nothing, of course, goes according to plan in a story that is full of wit, dry New York humour and strange happenstance.
The discovery was happenstance, said Edward Turner, program manager of the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Talking with a biologist, I asked her whether she believed in the Darwinian concept of evolution--meaning, that is, that the zillions of species in nature all came about by sheer happenstance, that no intelligence was at any point involved.
What those people fail to realize is that, but for politics and happenstance, they might be invoking their Third Amendment rights instead.
I think it was Ian Fleming who pointed out that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times .
Taylor discovered her talent by happenstance in 1989 when she was recruited to work at a surplus equipment auction for an Atlanta-area public school system.