happy medium

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He added that this principle of happy medium corroborates that of inner nature, explaining that the latter brings human beings to uncover easily the tolerant aspect of religion which does not make room for excess.
Until a happy medium is reached, prisons will remain full and overcrowding will continue.
McCoy explained: ''With a lazy horse you have to find a happy medium with how much you make them do and how much you leave to the end, but at the second-last I knew he was going to stay on.
As a designer I am trying to find that happy medium where I am creative but also do clothes that a woman want to wear," she said.
We found a happy medium with the Photo Storage Tray from KangaRooM Storage.
You must have a happy medium and you must have a bit of fight and a bit of bite.
During last month's Cosmopack 2007 in Bologna, Italy held March 29-April 2, designers such as Thierry de Baschmakoff shed some light on finding a happy medium between creativity and profitability in the beauty packaging industry.
This [team's] material seems to strike a happy medium," he comments.
There is a happy medium, Dahl writes, who examines the "basic human qualities that drive human beings to action--in this case, actions that support movement toward political equality" to come to this conclusion.
There is a happy medium here, and, as with most new ideas, the technology we have will take it's proper place in our repertoire of methods to reach students and inspire learning.
What I do is find a happy medium between being a dancer and a technician," Brooks says.
For the Lakers to advance, they will likely have to find some happy medium between the imperious Kobe and the subordinate one.