happy medium

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The happy medium she strives for is to set rents that cover the overhead, but at affordable rates for tenants, including the nonprofit groups she hopes to attract.
However, somewhere a happy medium exists between Dell's VMI and Japanese-style Keiretsus for North American automotive industry to further investigate.
There is a happy medium where the image looks good, yet is small enough to download efficiently.
Happy medium also doesn't work if you're on a tight budget.
Red Dress's struggle to find a romance formula for this new era reflects the struggles of young women to find a happy medium between love and independence without having to sacrifice too much of either.
But a quieter, concrete surface looks set to be the way forward to strike a happy medium between residents, sports-mad youngsters and the environment.
It is about reaching a happy medium between the health of the national team and the ability of the regions to compete with the best in Europe.
Summary: Washington - Democratic Congressman, Keith Ellison hailed, here on Tuesday, the Islam of tolerance and happy medium advocated in Morocco, voicing appreciation for the reforms introduced in the north African country, especially in consolidating women's rights.
Maybe by then, the filmmakers will discover a happy medium between Schumacher's gaudy pageantry and this honorably grim slice of gloom.
A Happy Medium will see her play Ellen Small, a local gossip and ordinary wee Belfast woman.
Business partner Rupert said the pub was offered home-cooked food and real ales and was "trying to hit a happy medium between "a gastro pub and your normal, everyday local village pub".