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Leigh surprises us with Happy-Go-Lucky by refusing to pop his film with the requisite tragic and insightful climax that seasoned cinephiles expect to befall such a woman: where one character or another finds some horrible truth about themselves--whoops
HAPPY-GO-LUCKY, " five-time Oscar nominee Mike Leigh's "quirky" and "offbeat" comedy about a young London schoolteacher who is, yes, happy-go-lucky, has enjoyed the most unanimous critical acclaim of any film this year.
30pm screening of his last film Happy-Go-Lucky (15), the life-affirming story of an irrepressibly happy primary school teacher called Poppy who falls in love with a dour driving instructor.
So his latest observational slice of London life, the aptly titled Happy-Go-Lucky, will come as a pleasant shock.
Yet, he is troubled and in spite of his happy-go-lucky manner he is in emotional turmoil.
A supplementary section of fun facts about the animals featured in Tudley Didn't Know and a simple craft project for creating a Tudley of one's own round out this happy-go-lucky story.
Otherwise, we had better prepare ourselves for an endless slate of happy-go-lucky sex comedies firmly rooted in the "taming the go-go boy" school of storytelling.
The end of the year inevitably means budget crunches and team changes, even in the happy-go-lucky world of the stuntwood.
With her small-scaled movement and perky face, Virginie Mecene turns The Bride into an ingenue with no qualms about her future, while David Zurak makes The Husbandman a happy-go-lucky groom.
Describing the horrifying nature of Simmons's actions, he wrote: "Some murders are not just the acts of happy-go-lucky teenagers, but heinous [shockingly evil] crimes deserving of death.
The happy-go-lucky sculptor is happier than a three-year-old in a sweet factory making his turf sculptures.