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Or the happy-go-lucky grasshopper, who jumps only when he has to, when it may be too late?
Any downgrades from this happy-go-lucky bunch could spell trouble for the security.
He was described as "a happy-go-lucky Middlesbrough fan" and keen gardener, dedicated to wife Janette and son Matthew.
A school statement said: "Matthew was a happy-go-lucky, polite, unassuming pupil who really enjoyed school.
Tomorrow Happy-Go-Lucky (Channel 4, 9pm) THE headline-grabbing film premiere tonight might well be Batman Begins (ITV1, 8.
But the research also found that people with a happy-go-lucky bright outlook at the start of the therapy were less likely to succeed.
His family yesterday issued a statement saying: "Liam was a well-loved, happy-go-lucky person.
Seventh Tree, the new album, is hedonistic in its happy-go-lucky approach to life.
Corden claims that Sally, star of the Mike Leigh film Happy-Go-Lucky, has made a romantic pact with him.
Happy-Go-Lucky is beautifully observed, leaving us with a broad, contented grin almost as big as Poppy's when the sun finally sets on Leigh's film.
Happy-Go-Lucky is a cracking new Mike Leigh film - with a beautifully rendered series of characters and refreshingly honest dialogue.
The boys in the Big Brother house have gone into mourning over the departure of happy-go-lucky Seany, who was booted out last night after receiving 44.