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HAP. An old word which signifies to catch; as, "to hap the rent," to hap the deed poll." Techn. Dict. h.t.

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Los HAPs con un bajo peso molecular son absorbidos en mayor medida que los que poseen un elevado peso molecular.
Process vessels in HAP service must have a cover in the closed position, except for material addition or sampling--In the final CMAS rule, EPA required covers in use to be closed when operator access is necessary.
What are the HAP Emission Limits And How Can a Facility Comply?
However, they did find the risk of both types of leukemia to be elevated by 21% in census tracts with the greatest overall HAP exposure.
trees with reduced amounts of VOC and HAP precursors the t might eliminate the need for costly emission control devices
In 1996, the EPA formed the Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking (ICCR), a coalition of industry, environmental and regulatory groups called together to work toward helping the EPA develop standards for HAPs from several combustion sources simultaneously.
In-process capture, extraction, and fixation of VOCs, HAPs, and particulate matter (PM) from wood products manufacturing
While "potential to emit" is derived from calculating the amount of HAPs a facility would emit if it were running at maximum capacity year round (a frustrating measure because facilities typically do not operate this way), it is important to note that any facility which falls below the 10/25 limit before the compliance date--typically three years after the final NESHAP is published--is exempt from MACT standards.