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Il a conclu sa harangue au soulignant que les musulmans disposent aujourd'hui d'un Etat oo les obedients sont honores et les heretiques humilies '.
There seems to be no shortage of Australians who have chosen to live in Britain and harangue us almost daily about our shortcomings.
Although certain priestly edicts and the story of Sodom, detailed in Leviticus and Genesis respectively, have inspired a lion's share of persecution against homosexuals, it is Paul's harangue in Romans 1:21 that evokes Spong's sharpest criticism.
Football Association chief executive Brian Barwick has signalled a tightening of the rules ahead of the new season as he condemned players who harangue match officials.
In the typical "correct science" harangue of today, all the possible bad effects are emphasized (deadly summer heat waves), none of the possible good effects are even mentioned (C[O.
He makes an effort to present both sides of an issue and to invite guests with whom he disagrees, even if he does tend to harangue them.
Kevin Costner's teary climactic harangue to that effect only made the film's raucous speculations seem naive.
How peculiarly French that the same generation which had reclaimed Celine's literary genius despite his anti-Semitism could fail to take the satirical elements in The Elementary Particles as anything more than a narrow harangue meant to undermine the political legacy of May '68.
After the minute was observed, Bejart suddenly launched into a harangue beginning with "Down with all dictatorships.
Along with his unfocussed harangue against any form of free trade, Clarke is thoroughly hostile to the free market, free enterprise, capitalism, transnational corporations, the banks, low inflation policies and the export economy.
The unhappy aspects of his prophecy have given rise to the noun jeremiad, a prolonged lamentation or complaint, or a cautionary or angry harangue.
Their girlfriends have left them, their bosses remain to harangue them.