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We just think girls washing cars in bikinis and great live music are lots more entertaining than somebody haranguing you with their personal religious views.
DISGRACED MP Eric Joyce was pinned to the floor and arrested by police after haranguing airport workers.
IN response to the Limmyhaters haranguing me for liking it - no, it's not just because it's Scottish.
Quakers are not known for their preaching, though George Fox, the first Quaker, was not averse to haranguing his followers for a long time indeed.
As one might expect, they run the gamut from the dramatic to the mundane: a semiliterate Union trooper haranguing about the "Rebbles," a shocked survivor of Antietam, an eager young doughboy on his way to France, a soldier walking through the dead ashes of Nagasaki.
The party's defeat in the South Antrim by-election was not the fault of Mr Trimble, but of his critics, whose continual haranguing has only served to weaken the clout of the Ulster Unionist Party.
The Kabaka then strode around threatening and haranguing them, but, getting tired, decided to release them.
Still that's better than haranguing Sir Alan in the boardroom like Katie did.
Belvedere, an often drunk homosexual, is notorious for haranguing directors and fellow actors and for making passes at young men.
If it weren't so deliriously frisky, the movie, which follows the erotic adventures of a group of Canadian women and one young man in a bohemian town in British Columbia, might have had the haranguing tone of a tract preaching sexual tolerance and diversity.
AT Glastonbury, Sir Bob Geldof moved the crowd to unexpected tears with his impassioned plea for Make Poverty History and, on the eve of Live 8, he gatecrashes the last show of the series for some last-minute spirited haranguing.
After two days of haranguing and hand-wringing over the Bruins' 49-45 loss to the Hurricanes, it took only a split second for the blown call on Brad Melsby's late fumble and the defense's dismal display throughout to be totally trivialized.