hard bargaining

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She was more interested in meeting the young married couple than in awaiting the result of the hard bargaining which delayed the engagement of the new dancer; and she volunteered to make her brother's apologies, if his theatrical business caused him to be late in keeping his appointment at the honeymoon festival.
But the deal that has now been reached after some pretty hard bargaining does keep a hefty slice of cash - at least PS50m - here in the region.
Strikes are disruptive and decidedly worse than sitting down and reaching a deal, however long that takes - and it took some 10 hours of hard bargaining on Wednesday.
The minister said accommodation for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia was acquired after hard bargaining and advertising in prominent dailies.
This agreement is after three years of hard bargaining from both sides.
As I listened to my grandmother tell this story several days later, I remember wondering why the Hard Bargaining Gene had not been passed along to anyone else in the family, including me.
But hard bargaining may be in the offing as a Toyota executive earlier said, ''Wage hikes would undercut our competitive edge in a race with foreign automakers that have counted on inexpensive labor costs'' to lower car prices.
Moves for McLeod and Polish striker Tomasz Frankowski - two of eight Wolves have on their list - have stalled as a result of Wolves' hard bargaining.
Trump asserted during his testimony in front of the subcommittee that the leasing conditions the UN needs as part of its renovation plan would ensure that it would be victimized by hard bargaining New York City landlords.
A week of hard bargaining lays ahead in Swansea where both Labour and Liberal Democrat groups will be seeking alliances to help run Swansea City and County Council.
The former Stourport Swifts manager had a hit-list of eight or nine players in the Western Division and will begin the hard bargaining next week when the non-contract players are free to talk to clubs.
After a day of hard bargaining, the EU was last night in no mood to give away many more concessions to the Americans.