hard blow

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I was never served so before without giving a hard blow for it, muttered Stubb, as he found himself descending the cabin-scuttle.
I might well have needed that, for with this hard blow of the proof that her eyes were hopelessly sealed I felt my own situation horribly crumble, I felt--I saw--my livid predecessor press, from her position, on my defeat, and I was conscious, more than all, of what I should have from this instant to deal with in the astounding little attitude of Flora.
I am an old man," he said slowly, "and this is a hard blow for me to bear.
There were marks of strangulation and the wound from a hard blow on the temple.
This, I confess, was another pretty hard blow to me.
Diable," said Monte Cristo compassionately, "it is a hard blow for a third-rate fortune.
But Mr Swiveller was not a little surprised to see his fellow-clerk, after walking slowly backwards towards the door, as if she were trying to withdraw herself from the room but could not accomplish it, dart suddenly forward, and falling on the small servant give her some hard blows with her clenched hand.
I have had some hard blows in my time: they don't seem to have blunted my sense of feeling as I thought they had.
Now Hercules (though strong enough, as you already know, to hold the sky up) began to be sensible that he should never win the victory, if he kept on knocking Antaeus down; for, by and by, if he hit him such hard blows, the Giant would inevitably, by the help of his Mother Earth, become stronger than the mighty Hercules himself.
Expressing solidarity with the people and the armed forces of Pakistan, Gen Fan had praised the success of Operation ZarbiAzb which he termed "decisive, bold and a hard blow for terrorists".
He termed it decisive, bold, hard blow for terrorists, said ISPR.
Showing solidarity with people of Pakistan, armed forces versus any challenge, Gen Fan praised the success of ZarbeAzb military operation against terrorists and termed it bold, hard blow for terrorists, without any discrimination.