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The dressing room was angry and felt hard done by, but the atmosphere in there now is great.
I feel that Ajmal was hard done by the jury and it is a serious case for review because if performers are not picked then the credibility (of awards) is missing," Raja said.
Now Mr Spielberg, do you think you and your Hollywood friends could possibly get behind the Palestinians as they seem to have been hard done by, for about 60 years.
We don't recollect that there has been anyone that has been hard done by, but if they feel that is the case we have got to have a look at it.
I'M fed up of reading how hard done by ex-MG Rover workers are, having to work for the Government's minimum wage.
Saints shocked Caley with a 2-1 win on their return to the SPL and Wilson said: "We felt hard done by.
We think the England fans are being hard done by,' May added.
WITH the BBC reeling from the resignations of its chairman and director general in the space of two days, an opinion poll today suggested the public feel the corporation was hard done by in the Hutton Report.
To say we feel hard done by would be an understatement.
Health spokesman Andrew Lansley even feels himself hard done by because he "only" gets pounds 24,000 on top of his MP's salary for working 12 days a year.
We were hard done by, not for the first time this season," Mowbray said.
In the second half, it was the hosts who felt hard done by when Jonas Olsson appeared to catch keeper Robert Green with an elbow as Shelton Martis headed against the bar.