hard money

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The lower rate is seen as an entry point to the more conventional lending arena, which was difficult to access with the usual, higher hard money rates.
Paul Butler of Hard Money NYC commented: "It really goes to show that the storm is far from over.
Robert Coppinger, Founder and Principal at Hard Money NYC commented: "I was glad that we were able to close this deal for the borrower.
Mountain Funding provides high-leverage senior/mezzanine debt, hard money bridge loans, and equity to value-added commercial projects, residential land acquisition and development, condominium conversions, and special situations requiring quick closings.
With the California real estate market so hot right now, hard money lending offers many benefits.
The developer had received a commitment from another hard money lender in late November to close this land acquisition, but the closing date was not guaranteed and they felt at risk that the loan would not close by the required closing date to occur in 3 weeks," said Arthur Nevid, managing director at Mountain Funding.
The firm managed by billionaire Sri Prakash Lohia, will seek for a bank to loan to complement internal hard money funding the broadening, said Baldwa.
May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hard money lender Riverdale Funding, LLC has been cleared to make commercial hard money loans in Arkansas and Iowa, expanding its reach to 32 states across the country.
Making the Yield: Real Estate Hard Money Lending Uncovered is a guide to building a successful career in hard money lending.
Currently, fix and flip projects are all the rage and many of these groups turn to hard money lenders to back them.
A generation after Paul Volcker's hard money inflation policies vanquished the inflation demons of the 1970's, Draghi and Bernanke have amplified inflation risk.
Parents were critical of lack of check and balance system in respect of private educational institutions saying that owners of private schools were at liberty to pocketing their hard money relentlessly.