hard to comprehend

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It was, that whether she was in town or out of town, whether he had been premature with her who was so hard to comprehend, or she had lost courage, or they were discovered, or some mischance or mistake, at present incomprehensible, had occurred, he must remain to confront his fortune, whatever it was.
Okay, the notion of living off the grid isn't hard to comprehend, but the practicalities of it certainly are, but it was idea of hunting down those on the run that seemed so strange.
The numbers are simply hard to comprehend, and the Greek government, already strapped for cash because of its continuing economic and bailout woes, is calling for relief and immediate supplies from the European Union.
What is hard to comprehend is Talha was a loving, kind, popular young boy who never showed any signs of any extreme or radical views.
IT'S hard to comprehend why pollsters called the result of the general election so wrong.
Obviously, anytime you travel, things can happen, but it's hard to comprehend the sheer scope of the situation in Nepal right now.
There is a level of brilliance which is hard to comprehend in the design of each level of this enchanting puzzle platformer.
Although the Lebanese situation is very complicated and hard to comprehend at times, there are active national actors who should be responsible for providing Lebanon with stability and safety, and the Army and the media are in the lead," said Brig.
aBulgaria tops the report on the cost of air pollution, but it is hard to comprehend here, because it comments on the healthcare costs as a result of excessive air pollution,a Grigorova told journalists.
But it is hard to comprehend why he is averse to writing to the Prime Minister, as per the protocol.
IT'S hard to comprehend that in 2014 we have near half a million people dependent on food banks, in a country with the seventh largest economy.
Soccer fans who started to follow the game after he last kicked a ball will find it hard to comprehend the life he led.