hard to express

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When something is a mass, it gets very hard to express the situation of being a mass," she further elaborates, adding that she views the current political and social situation in Turkey similar to this video.
It is hard to express yourself but I have got to know the course and understood the challenges.
And team-mate Jason Marks admits it's hard to express just how devastated the players and staff are for their good pal.
Mr Buckley, 38, of Waterloo, said: "It's hard to express how relieved and proud we are that we were able to save Mr Owens.
I would always try to mimic him or I would create things that interested me but because of my dyslexia, it was hard to express myself through writing so creating visual works helped me.
I am happy to such an extent that it's hard to express and describe it," Djokovic has maintained time and again.
I find it hard to express the profound sense of loss I feel knowing that what I experienced is no longer available to others.
uk She has obviously accepted that her relationship might not be plain sailing because people with Asperger's often find it hard to express themselves emotionally.
These days we also likely work hard to express to our students the many ways in which the visual arts impact their daily lives, and the authors address that issue as well.
As your president, it is hard to express the honor I felt working with our captivated and inspired future leaders.