hard to overcome

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They did feel it, yet neither spoke of it, for often between ourselves and those nearest and dearest to us there exists a reserve which it is very hard to overcome.
Was the desire to live so strong and was it so hard to overcome it?
There is one antipathy, however, which I find it hard to overcome.
He was trying hard to overcome this when a diversion was caused by the arrival of Lady Arabella.
I hope this initiative helps recognise good people struggling hard to overcome hard times and bring a little joy and recognition for their efforts.
UK's Labour Party leaders probably know better, but have decided that it's too hard to overcome the easy appeal of bad economics
SSGC had to battle hard to overcome spirited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) by solitary goal in the quarter-final at Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium.
He said: "A win would put us 11 points clear of them and regardless of how many games each club has played it's a big gap and it will be hard to overcome.
TJFA Under-11s League Cup Round Three Stockton Town Yellows 4 Wynyard Village 2 STOCKTON had to battle hard to overcome a determined Wynyard.
Former Benfica product Fonte said the loss of several key players would be hard to overcome, adding: "Ronald Koeman knew he was going to lose some players.
United were dumped out of the Capital One Cup earlier this season by Sunderland and Giggs is working hard to overcome that loss in their upcoming clash, the report added.
In Twenty20 tournaments where momentum matters a lot, a defeat is often hard to overcome.