hard to please

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I'm not hard to please but, like other readers, I had to ask family to bring in food.
Since forming in 2005, they have developed a rapturous following of their own amongst the notoriously hard to please hardcore Smiths fans.
Cameron is) hurt and betrayed, because she tried so hard to please him.
As he oathed to work very hard to please Allah, his conscience, and Bahrain's citizens.
Poppy is very food oriented and will try really hard to please so is easy to train.
I TOOK the notoriously hard to please 12-year-old to see Blood Brothers this week.
HARD TO PLEASE WE might have seen a terrific performance, an absorbing game and Sunderland's safety assured, but one Black Cats fan behind the press box was still moved enough to stay behind and boo referee Lee Mason, the man who'd awarded them three penalties.
2 KRISTIAN TRUELSEN reports HARD to please Alloa boss Allan Maitland watched his side give Stenny a footballing lesson in the first half - but blasted their display in the second.
Aficionados of the sci-fi franchise are notoriously hard to please, but Quinto, who plays Mr Spock, said the movie was created with the fans in mind.
PRECOCIOUS teenager Rory McIlroy makes his first European Tour appearance on Irish soil as a professional at Adare Manor and there is a real danger he will try too hard to please his legion of fans, writes Jeremy Chapman.
You'll be gone soon, so why should they try hard to please you?
Obviously these are very handy right now for friends or relatives who might be hard to please with regular department store gifts.