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The story revolves around a young veteran,'' says Bowse, "who returns to his hometown (Worcester) and forms a hard-core band with his best friend, only to start an Internet feud with a rival hard-core band that spills over into real life.
Shocked Sutton councillor Tony Shields said: "It is profoundly concerning to see hard-core pornographers feel safe to make a very explicit film in broad daylight at a public car park.
If a customer's overdraft does not reduce below a certain amount each year, then that amount is considered to be hard-core borrowing - pounds 50,000 hard-core borrowing is costing from pounds 250 to pounds 500 a year in unnecessary renewal fees.
We also have a hard-core population of narcotics addicts.
Even if you do decide to meet up with him again, I'd most definitely not have him home, not until he can assure you that hard-core porn is not one of his habitual "hobbies".
The push by ANSWER and other hard-core Marxists for school walk-outs especially angered many Hispanic parents, who know that education is vital for their children's future and who resent their children being used as political footballs.
When hard-core porn came out of the closet in the 1970s, the solution to this dilemma was the (tellingly named) "money shot": a close-up of the ejaculating penis.
The visit came as Black Country MP Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich East) gave his backing to a new offensive that will target hard-core offenders.
If a sex-shop licence is granted it would allow the firm to sell explicit products including hard-core R18-rated videos and sex aids.
10] is the most likely possibility, though the same powertrain eventually might be offered in a higher-spec convertible aimed at less hard-core buyers.
This is a key finding from a landmark study that examines problems and proposes solutions directly from probation and parole officers who face special challenges in dealing with hard-core drunk-driving offenders.
In a 2001 article in the Los Angeles Times, Burt boldly declares that no study of film adaptations of Shakespeare can be complete without a look at hard-core porno flicks like A Midsummer Night's Cream.