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That is why those of us who believe in the European project need, once again, to argue for hard-headed decisions to secure Europe's future.
Are we simply to dismiss as superfluous and offensive to hard-headed strategists the profound spirituality of nonviolent leaders such as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abdul Gaffar Khan, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, Cesar Chavez, and Jean and Hildegard Goss-Mayr?
The Harvard Declaration--despite very considerable conceptual flaws, and there are huge conceptual flaws in it--is a visionary breakthrough because it actually addresses in a hard-headed way the practicalities of treatment access.
There are very few hard-headed business guys who are barefoot
We like an art that reflects skepticism and sobriety; Clement Greenberg was not alone in his certainty that the great artists "are the hard-headed ones.
Still, telesales marketers please note; hard-headed Midlanders are not game for blowing the lot on home re-vamps.
West's Before It Hits Home; the domestic struggles, womanist crises, and the search for what Paul Carter Harrison has termed an African-American ancestral imperative presented in Shay Youngblood's Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery, and the quest for justice and physical and economic freedom in Big Butt Girls, Hard-Headed Women.
Use whatever works for you, be it anger, your faith in God, or just a hard-headed refusal to accept less than the best life you can manage.
Martin Lowry (1979) demonstrated that Aldus had not in fact ever used Bessarion's Greek manuscripts in the Marciana Library, that Aldus went to Venice for very hard-headed business reasons, and that his innovation of italic type had little to do with the prices of his books; but Barolini without comment adheres to older conventional wisdom on these and other points.
Accounts that omit these may pride themselves on being hard-headed, but what they really exhibit is tunnel vision.
If we genuinely believe the whole religious picture of God/soul/eternal peace, then it's likely we will find more emotional security than the hard-headed naturalist, since under these beliefs the individual is preserved in some form.