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So the right answer is to be long term, hard-headed, patient and intelligent with the interventions that we make, and the most important intervention of all is to make sure that these governments are fully representative of the people who live in their countries, that they close down the ungoverned space, and they remove the support for the extremists.
foreign policy is one of hard-headed internationalism - more commercial in
They view themselves as hard-headed realists and others as naive ideologues.
I am looking forward to the chance to have a hard-headed conversation with him (Sr Marcegaglia) in which I believe business interests and the interests of my constituency community can be shown to coincide.
The Prime Minister said: "My approach is hard-headed internationalism - internationalist because global challenges need global solutions and nations must co-operate across borders - often with hard-headed intervention - to give expression to our shared interests and shared values.
Needing help in the restaurant, she hires beefcake Nick (Aaron Eckhart), a chef who's as hard-headed as she is.
Over ten years have passed since I first stepped onto MSU's campus, and I wish I knew then what I know now--maybe I wouldn't have been so hard-headed.
Ozawa has been working hard since April to bring the party together by downplaying his previous hard-headed, go-it-alone image.
His intellectual heroes are George Kennan, the statesman who coined the policy of containment, and Reinhold Niebuhr, the theologian who reconciled moral principles with the hard-headed interests of real-politik.
Sandpiper is a hard-headed teen who has been defined by her sexual promiscuity.
He's not playing hard-to-get; he's just hard-headed.
In the fashion of a hard-headed American billionaire he has weighed up the pros and cons and decided the deal is one he can't miss.