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On new growth, remove the bag, pot up individually and harden off before planting in garden.
2BEGIN to harden off homegrown seedlings by gradually exposing them to garden temperatures.
Later, you can replant the sedums; unwire them, let them harden off for 4-7 days, then place them directly on the soil, where they'll take root.
When a tree is being pruned for shape, such as a Christmas tree, the objective is to throttle back annual limb growth, and the recommendation is to cut short the "candles" of new growth as they start to harden off, but before the new needles are fully formed.
Harden off peppers, aubergines, pumpkins, tomatoes and marrows grown from seed before planting outside.
HARDEN off aubergines which have been raised under glass, planting out under cloches and working a little general fertiliser into the bed beforehand.