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Seeds should be sown in individual pots, and then germinated on a cool windowsill at a temperature no higher than 55-F, after which they should be hardened off and put in a cold frame, where they will remain for the winter.
Once a sucker has hardened off, it cannot be snapped off but will have to be cut.
When the seedlings are large enough to handle they should be pricked off into three-inch pots, then hardened off and grown on into sturdy plants for planting out in the following spring.
SWEET peas raised from seed sown last year or very early this year can now be hardened off and planted out in to their flowering positions.
Most can't be planted out until mid-May when the frosts have finished - although they should be hardened off in a cold frame first.
You need to find this year's growth, the bit that that has hardened off, to make what are called half-ripe cuttings.
Early outdoor varieties can gradually be hardened off for planting in a fortnight's time.