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In questions just a few moments ago, I did refer to (Ms McVey) as hardhearted Hannah.
CASH donated to a charity has been stolen in a hardhearted raid.
His leading lady, Sophie Bould in the Grace Kelly role of the hardhearted Tracy Lord, was a little stiff and unconvincing but relaxed into the role in the second act.
A hardhearted Dallas Morning News blogger said, "Seriously, love this place so much that if I weren't already married, I'd have my wedding there.
Jesus did not discriminate at all but wanted to break the traditions, laws and rules followed by the extreme, hardhearted rabbis and openly challenge them.
The world in its fearful anxiety grows more hardhearted and violent.
EVERYONE wants to be home for Christmas, even supposedly hardhearted scoundrels like Cain Dingle.