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Both said the economy had proved hardier than expected due to relatively resilient domestic demand and a government spending hike in response to the downturn.
Farmers benefit because the breeds require less maintenance and are generally hardier than some of the Continental breeds.
Then try growing the strong upright cordons, similar to the greenhouse varieties but hardier, which can be used as a hedge or dot plant - if you have a taste for the unusual try Tigrella, which has striped fruit.
As any kid who went to junior school during the far hardier, and similarly hard-up, 70s will tell you - if the worst comes to the worst, we'll do it in our vest and pants.
In response to being in an air-starved environment, together with the added nutrients provided by the cut leaves, the bacteria became hardier during storage.
Our clams are hardier, a bit like us, bigger, and the flesh is slightly chewier.
It's also possible that the relatively few men who live beyond 90 are hardier "survivors" who have fewer dementia risk factors.
Hardier plants, including box hedging, silver birch and yew and hard landscaping elements, such as the specially constructed summer house and benches, were assembled so that the team could see how their paper designs converted to a three-dimensional reality.
As early as 1880, scientists embarked on a crusade to save the American chestnut by cross-breeding hardier, blight-resistant varieties.
We soon found hardier stock, trees that held on to their foliage even as gusting winds undressed others from the top down.
These maple trees have not lasted well, and when the Pier Head is fully re-developed they will be replaced with hardier maple trees, even more of them than have been cut.
COUNTRYSIDE: I'm writing in response to Maureen Horne's letter "Any advice for hardier cattle?