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The data spanned seven populations in which the life expectancy for one or both sexes was a dismal 20 years or less and found that newborn girls are hardier than newborn boys due biological factors.
While overall yields can be compromised, the technique leads to hardier plants that won't suffer calamity when their water source suddenly disappears.
IT WOULDN'T be a British music festival without a bit of rain - but last night's rotten weather didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the city's hardier music lovers at Liverpool International Music Festival.
Saskatchewan farmers are leaders in agricultural production in part because of advances in biotechnology, which has led to hardier, higher-yielding crops, Stewart said.
Some of the brightest and biggest are least hardy, so go to a reputable supplier or specialist nursery who may be able to offer hardier and newer hybrids.
And they'd learn] every person is a lot hardier and tougher than they think they are.
Also available for hardier environments where improved dimensional stability is needed including areas subject to explosion risk or Liquid Nitrogen handling, is Flowchem VE GL, a glass fiber reinforced horizontal and vertical applied system installed at 125 mils.
Apple and pear trees are hardier than peach, cherry, or other stone-fruited plants.
Some worry this is leading to a vicious cycle whereby farmers use more and more chemical herbicides to battle hardier and hardier weeds.
Tagines are easy to prepare and require relatively few special dishes: this gathering of meat-free tagines includes side dishes and covers everything from lighter choices for suppers to hardier fare, such as a Lentil Tangine with Ginger and Ras-Al-Hanut.
8 -- The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, a hardier IP67 certified variant of the Galaxy S4, has become quite the source of embarrassment for Samsung after reports from users that the phone is getting damaged on being submerged in water under conditions that the phone should have been able to handle.
All have strap-like leaves and generally the deciduous types are the hardier hybrids as opposed to the species, which are evergreen but often tender.